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Vrijeschool de Meiboom in Hoofddorp is de vrije school voor de Haarlemmermeer

Basisschool de Maiboom is de vrijeschool van Hoofddorp en de Haarlemmermeer

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What do we stand for?

As a Waldorf school, De Meiboom is inspired by and based on the vision of Rudolf Steiner. De Meiboom aims to provide rich and good education. The game is still an educational goal and tests are not the only starting point for determining the content of the lessons. The school is open to a wide audience. The school meets all the requirements set by the Education Inspectorate and also makes time and space for subjects such as eurythmy, storytelling, drama, music, form drawing, botany, zoology and mineralogy. At De Meiboom, artistic education is interwoven with all subjects and a great deal of attention is paid to learning to perceive.

At De Meiboom the connection between thinking, feeling and wanting is central. Children are given the space to wonder about the world, are appreciated in their individuality and feel heard and seen.

At De Meiboom there is a lot of attention for living with nature in and outside the classroom. This is reflected in the lessons and for example also in the annual celebrations that connect the school with the cycle of nature as a recognisable and traceable thread.

The building and its surroundings feel pleasant, stimulate the student, arouse curiosity and make a valuable contribution to the function of the school and its surroundings.

What are we going for?

De Meiboom aims to be a vibrant, enthusiastic school that distinguishes itself through inspired education. We go for good educational results and a view of children as a whole - so more than just their cognitive skills. In addition, we aim for a high degree of parental involvement and participation.

De Meiboom strives to bring the quality of education, insofar as assessed by the Inspectorate, up to the level at which the Education Inspectorate grants a basic arrangement. In addition, within Ithaka we are working with school-breaking quality teams to guarantee the quality of the Waldorf subjects in particular. De Meiboom would like to actively contribute to this.

We would like to involve the immediate surroundings of the school as a team in the education and also give a quality impulse. It is about enriching education and at the same time making the relationship with nature direct, visible and tangible for the children.