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Vrijeschool de Meiboom in Hoofddorp is de vrije school voor de Haarlemmermeer

Basisschool de Maiboom is de vrijeschool van Hoofddorp en de Haarlemmermeer

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Our Education

At De Meiboom you can enter the school as a toddler and leave the school again as an almost first year student. The youngest children can go to Kindercentrum Babbels. From there they can grow to De Meiboom. All based on the same idea: whoever is enthusiastic, performs better. This applies to adults, but of course also to children. We experience this every day at De Meiboom. With us, children learn because they want to. By the way, a Waldorf school is just as hard to learn as any other school. But at De Meiboom you get just that little bit more. Especially creative and social skills that you will enjoy the rest of your life.

Our pupils come from various municipalities within the Haarlemmermeer, but mainly from Hoofddorp itself. Parents are from varied backgrounds and often make a convincing choice for Waldorf education.