Lees alles over de Meiboom in Hoofddorp in de Haarlemmermeer in het NederlandsRead everything about waldorfschool de Meiboom in Hoofddorp and the Haarlemmermeer in English

Vrijeschool de Meiboom in Hoofddorp is de vrije school voor de Haarlemmermeer

Basisschool de Maiboom is de vrijeschool van Hoofddorp en de Haarlemmermeer

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Follow and tests

At De Meiboom we use a digital student tracking system. In it, the school closely monitors the learning progress of all pupils in the field of technical reading, reading comprehension, spelling and arithmetic.

De Meiboom also aims at a balanced growth of thinking, feeling and will. This is mainly monitored through

observations made by the teacher. As a parent you will be informed about this through the certificate. The quantitative data from the tests together with the qualitative information from the certificate will give you a nuanced picture of your child's developments.

In the kindergarten classes we make use of watch lists. We follow the children in their motor and social-emotional development.

In classes 1 to 6 we take cito tests every year, in January/February and in June. These help us to match the educational offer with the possibilities of the pupils and to identify where extra care or guidance is needed. Test results, together with observations by the teacher, form the starting point for the successive group plans. In the group plans we work with different levels per subject.