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Vrijeschool de Meiboom in Hoofddorp is de vrije school voor de Haarlemmermeer

Basisschool de Maiboom is de vrijeschool van Hoofddorp en de Haarlemmermeer

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Extra care

Every child is different. Not every child learns at the same pace and in the same way. That is why we offer specific help where necessary, as much as possible within the classroom. This applies both to children who have difficulty with the material offered and to children who do not have enough of it. Sometimes we draw up a plan of action, aimed at the level of development, the learning opportunities and the temperament of the pupil. This is always discussed with the parents. The internal supervisor monitors this process.

If the test results give reason to expect that a pupil will not meet the core objectives set by the ministry upon completion of primary school, then a developmental perspective is drawn up for him or her. The development perspective gives a current and honest picture of the expected outflow level at the end of primary school.

For pupils who need extra care, there is limited space for lessons outside the classroom in the form of remedial teaching. This attention is given individually or in a small group and is always temporary.